Not to be confused with Star Trek

Not to be confused with Mr. Spock

Not to be confused with Zach Schmiddy

James Kirk's evil counterpart



Oh Captain Kirk. You think you're so awesome.TrollFace

Captain Kirk (Also known as William Shatner or Jim) is the captain of the Starship Enterprise, on the show Star Trek. He thinks he's really cool, but, really, Kang the Conquerer is sooooooo much cooler. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, and also, a lot of times, Dr. McCoy, go on strange adventures on new planets. He also brings along guys with Red Shirts, who are just there as human shields, and are going to be killed before they beam up. Kirk doesn't care, but McCoy always says "He's DEAD Jim! DEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!!!!!!!" And then Spock says, "Highly illogical."



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