Not to be confused with Trolling Saruman

Not to be confused with Bathrooms

Not to be confused with NYAN CAT

Not to be confused with Darth Vader

Going to the store00:49

Going to the store

Sauntering to the place of purchase.

One day, you decided to go to the store. You set out on a great journey. When you left, you came around the corner of the street, waiving your hands in merriment. You proceeded to continue your merry waiving of limbs and head, past the laundromat. You walk with your hands in the air, back bent at odd angles. You fling your torso as though it were putty. Your display of fartudinoucity is awe-inspiring, and brings you many onlookers. You reach the parking garage, but you are unable to ascend the stairs. That's to bad, because it's against the rules to get stuck on the stairs! And then you die of diabetes.

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