Not to be confused with Going to the Store

Not to be confused with Kiwby

Not to be confused with Mr. T

“NO! I don't want that!”
Hungry Pumkin

The Butter00:24

The Butter

Give me the butter.

The Hungry Pumkin comes into your restaurant and demands that you give him the butter. He eats everything you give him, unless he doesn't want it. Then he shoves it on the floor and yells, "NO! I don't want that!". He gives the same answer if you try to give him the bill. He always leaves without paying. And then he comes back in 210 minutes. He also never cleans up the mess. In all, Hungry Pumkin is a LOSER scumbag of the highest degree.

Things the Pumkin EatsEdit


Pumkin.avi FULL

No! I don't want that!

You should never eat these things.

Where to Play the GameEdit

Click here, and scroll all the way to the right, and click on "Hungry Pumkin".

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