ExplosionUh-Oh! Wiki Destroyer's been here! BEWARE! TROLLS RUN AMOK ON THIS PAGE!


WELCOME TO: THE INTERNET!!! This is the residence of PROBLEM, OFFICER?


Ronald McDonald says "LOL, INTERNET µø†∑® ƒUç%∑®S!!!!" You suck, MAH BOI!
489px-MAH BOI Wallpaper by sonic VNN-1-


The INTERNET ƒUç%S UR @$#!!! is your best FIEND. FIEND as in Wiki Destroyer. Who has been here. That dirty ß@$†@®∂. OOH U SAY BAD WURDZ IM TELLIN !@($&@

Hey. Yeah you. I killed the internet. I am a squid.

Extra text from TigerTheDragon12 will be in italics. Any text from ZeReshieInTrolling will be in BAWLD. *looks up* TigerTheDragon13. Your %$%£ Spam and italics are dumb. O_O I didn't see that coming. Yeah, okay, son. That WILL DO, BOY! YOU HERE ME? THAT WILL NOT BE ENOUGH, SIR!

The Internet is where memes reside. Memes are really funny, and they make up a good backbone of the Trollopolis Wiki. That's why the Internet is an indispensable resource to mankind.

In ConclusionEdit

The Internet was stupidly overrun by you #@%$#^#<<<BADWARDSZ UM TELLUN AGUN UR MUM IS DED NAO. The end. And then in that ending, trolls love trollopolis wiki. weegeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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