“You get to drink from the Fire Hose!!!!”
Janitor, UHF

Not to be confused with Crap

Not to be confused with Zach Schmiddy

Not to be confused with Weird Al Yankovich

Not to be confused with Mr. Magillicutty

06 kramer

"You get to drink from the Fire Hose!!!!"

The Janitor ran his own show called Stanley Spadowski's, on the UHF network. He proclaimed that Watermelons taste like Poo, and was married to his mop. When his boss took his mop, he swore he would get it back and get vengeance on the weird guy who took it. A segment on his show titled "Oatmeal Search" was a big hit. The point was to find a marble in the oatmeal, and t find it before some weird elderly couple got it first. If you won, you got to DRINK FROM THE FIRE HOSE!!!!!!!


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