A fine example of jimmie-rustling

Nobody knows what Jimmies are. Are they tiny little sprinkles living inside our body? Or are they a figurative object - that is, is "jimmies" simply a term for our emotions?

Whatever jimmies are, they are not made to be rustled. If someone's jimmies are rustled, then that means they are mad. It also means you should run. On the other hand, if someone's jimmies are unrustled, then it's safe to come near them. I think.

The Jimmies TriumverateEdit

We control the jimmies01:24

We control the jimmies.

The Jimmies Triumverate

They control the jimmies. They control the rustling. They are the Jimmies Triumverate. The three members of this secret order are Jimmy Russels, Calm Casey Koala, and Atease Panda.

The Hall of JimmiesEdit

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