Not to be confused with Malleo

Not to be confused with Yossy

Not to be confused with Mr. Rogers




Beware if you find this in your toaster.

Kiwby is featured in a game for the Commodore 64 called Kiwby's Misadventure. He likes Tacos, but dislikes King Dehdehdeh. He also dislikes the Purple Pie Man, because the pies he makes are simply terrible.


Kiwby is basically a fat pink blob with red slippers on the bottom. Kiwby's mouth is directly connected to a black hole leading to nowhere. This means that Kiwby's hunger can never be satiated. He may look cute, but don't be fooled; chances are, Kiwby will try to consume your flesh if he sees you. If you see him, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!


Kiwby was formed when Weegee accidentally spilled his milkshake on a nearby vacuum cleaner. Being that this creation originated from Weegee, Kiwby of course emerged as a raging lunatic. Since then. Kiwby runs around eating everything that he can find, and has ambitions to RULE TEH WORLD!!!

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