Not to be confused with Your Mom

Mr Trollicutty

Heh heh heh.... U MAD???

Mr. Trollicutty is like a much worse version of Mr. Magillicutty. Not only is he stupid and hates everyone, he also tries to make everyone mad. He knocks on your door, and yells at you "U MAD????"

How to Avoid Mr. TrollicuttyEdit

Tell him there's Bingo today. Also tell him that said Bingo game will last seventeen weeks. Mr. Trollicutty loves trolling other Bingo players. So, you and the neighborhood should be free of him for at least eighteen weeks (one extra week because he's old and can't find his way home). Or, you could just try pepper spray.

Heh, heh, heh, this should get rid of that old scab

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