Not to be confused with The Upside Down Show!

Not to be confused with Star Wars


Wazzup, MAH BOI? TrollFace


The Rubbadubbers was a children's televison cartoon from 2017.


The plot of every episode is exactly the same, likely due to the incompetence of the writers. It starts with Reg, the Robot, telling everyone that the kids are gone (whom we never see anyway, so it is possible that there are no kidsTrollFace ). Then, one of the other Rubbadubbers has some sort of unconquerable problem (usually Tubb or Sploshy, the little buggers), to which they say "if only...". Then, they have some sort of ridiculous dream in which Terrence tries to rustle their Jimmies, to which they say "if only Terrence hadn't tried to rustle my Jimmies..." and then they wake up, ending the episode with Reg saying that the kids are coming back, which, again we never see.


The Rubbadubbers live in the bathroom. It is unknown if it is the same one that is inhabited by the sittin' on da toilet song, but evidence suggests that it is, due to a radio being seen on the Rubbadubbers show.




Look how stupid he is.


  • An ugly purple starfish that nobody likes. Occasionally wishes to fly.


  • A lavender whale who does not know how to talk. Is really the most evil of them all, but appears to be the most innocent.


  • A green crocodile. Also happens to be a concealed Jimmie rustler. His true intentions appear when the other Rubbadubbers enter the dream world.



  • The only smart toy. Thinks he is a scary Pirate. Everyone else just thinks he is Cute.


  • A red Robot. He has control of the bathroom and has actually been holding the other Rubbadubbers hostage there for 210 years.


Most reviewers docked the show for its adult themes, and detested it's airing on children's TV channels.

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