Schmish schmage schmas schmritten schmin schmuzzish.


Schmone schmof schme schmuzzies. Schmit's schmooking schmat schmou!

Schmuzzies schmare schmall-ish schmeatures schmo schmeak schmin schmuzzish. Schmey schmive schmexclusivley schmin Schmane schmand Schmavid's schmouse. Schmalso, schmuzzies schmove schmo schmyme. Schmane, schmo schman schmot schmyme, schmand schmalso schmose schmot schmundestand schmuzzish, schmates schme schmuzzies. Schmavid, schmowever, schmows schmow schmo schmeak schmuzzish. Schmow schmid schme schmearn schmit? Schme schmut schmwo schmand schmwo schmoghether, schmand schmot schmwo schmwo.

TRANSLATION: These are schmuzzies. They are weird, no?

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