Not to be confused with Troll

Not to be confused with Lollercoaster

Not to be confused with Monorail Cat



The Trollercoaster is the amusement park ride on which all memes ride. It is located within scenic Trollopolis. It should not be confused with the Lollercoaster, which surrounds the city.


The Trollercoaster was built at the same time as the rest of Trollopolis. It was built after city hall was destroyed, and before the ROFLCOPTER first flew past.


It looks like a train where the cars are all Trollfaces. I mean, you could just look at the picture and see for yourself. It's not too difficult, people.TrollFace



The power source of the Trollercoaster.

The Trollercoaster is powered by Flame Wars and other sources of anger, and rides up and down on the frustrations of others. It is built from only the best Your Mom jokes, and MOM is constantly watching it. Weegee occasionally give it an extra push. Actually, the Trollercoaster is self-sufficient, powered by violations of physics.

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