There are numerous mystical codes in existence. These codes give you the power to produce text of epic personality. The journey to collect these codes is rough and difficult, but I will be here to help you. Are you ready to learn the art of...


(of course you are!)

Lesson One - Text Color

What else do we start with but the basics? By using the code below, we can change the color of our text.

To change the color of text, use this code:

<span style="color:[INSERTCOLORHERE];">[INSERTTEXTHERE]</span>

We'll need to replace [INSERTCOLORHERE] with whatever color we want to use for the text. If we want to change the displayed text from the example, we'll have to replace [INSERTTEXTHERE] with whatever text we want to modify.

Here is an example:


Lesson Two - Text Size

Not only can we change the color of our text, but we can also change the size!

To do this, we will need to use this code:

<span style="font-size:[INSERTPERCENTAGEHERE];">[INSERTTEXTHERE]</span>

Before we can use the code, we'll have to fill in a percentage in the place of [INSERTPERCENTAGEHERE]. Percentages under 100% make text smaller, and percentages over 100% make text larger.

Here's another example:


Lesson Three - Blinking Text

Now that we've covered how to change the color and size of text, how can we make the text blink like our example at the top of the page? The key is to use the code below:

<span style="text-decoration:blink;">[INSERT TEXT HERE]</span>

Here is yet another example:


Bringing It All Together

Of course, we can use all these codes together to produce lots of results. The code to produce text like the example at top is this, for instance:

<span style="Color:gold;"><span style="font-size:600%;"><span style="text-decoration:blink;">'''TEXT-FU!'''</span></span></span>

The code above produces the result below:



You have learned well, Grasshopper! I'm not gonna pull something like that. Instead, I would like to say, "Congratulations!" You have completed Part 1 on the journey to mastering the art of Text-Fu! Be sure to come back for Part 2 (whenever I get around to putting it up)!

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